verb (carries, carrying, carried)
1》 move or transport from one place to another.
    ↘have on one's person wherever one goes.
    ↘conduct; transmit.
    ↘be infected with (a disease) and liable to transmit it to others.
2》 support the weight of.
    ↘be pregnant with.
3》 propel (a missile) to a specified distance.
    ↘take or develop (an idea or activity) to a specified point.
4》 (of a sound or voice) be audible at a distance.
5》 (carry oneself) stand and move in a specified way.
6》 have as a feature or consequence.
    ↘(of a newspaper, television station, etc.) publish or broadcast.
    ↘(of a retailing outlet) keep a regular stock of.
7》 assume or accept (responsibility or blame).
8》 approve (a proposed measure) by a majority of votes.
    ↘persuade to support one's policy.
    ↘N. Amer. gain (a state or district) in an election.
9》 transfer (a figure) to an adjacent column during an arithmetical operation.
noun (plural carries)
1》 an act of carrying.
    ↘American Football an act of running or rushing with the ball.
    ↘chiefly N. Amer. the action of keeping a gun on one's person.
2》 Golf the distance a ball travels before reaching the ground.
    ↘the range of a gun or similar weapon.
3》 N. Amer. a portage for boats or supplies.
carry all before one overcome all opposition.
carry one's bat Cricket (especially of an opening batsman) be not out at the end of one's side's completed innings.
carry the can Brit. informal take responsibility for a mistake or misdeed.
carry the day be victorious or successful.
carry weight be influential or important.
Phrasal verbs
be/get carried away lose self-control.
carry something away Nautical lose a mast or other part of a ship through breakage.
carry something forward
1》 transfer figures to a new page or account.
2》 keep to use or deal with at a later time.
carry someone off take someone away by force.
↘(of a disease) kill someone.
carry something off succeed in doing something difficult.
carry on
1》 continue an activity or task.
    ↘continue to move in the same direction.
2》 informal behave in a specified way.
    ↘behave in an overemotional way.
3》 informal, chiefly derogatory be engaged in a love affair.
carry something out perform a task or planned operation.
carry over extend beyond the normal or original area of application.
carry something over keep to use or deal with in a new context.
carry something through bring something to completion.
ME: from Anglo-Norman Fr. and Old North. Fr. carier, based on L. carrus 'wheeled vehicle'.

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